Tadeusz Goldberg is having a midlife crisis . . . at the age of 90. He misses the loves of his youth and hates the libido-suppressing medication he must take to avoid falling into a state of memory loss and confusion. A Jew, a communist-and a terminal romantic-Tadeusz volunteered to fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. He fought for what he believed in. After the Republic's defeat, Tadeusz fled into exile and found work building the metro in Buenos Aires. He became an adored chess champion. Now he is at the mercy of clueless doctors, social workers and relatives. What is worse? To stop taking the medication and feel virile and alive, or to give in and continue on a foggy path to the grave? He decides to fight. "I spent my life underground because I didn't want to remember the sunny days," he laments. Through the internet his compañeros at the local café put him in touch with an old flame in Poland, but is there any going back? Héctor Bidonde as Tadeusz is utterly captivating, leading us through an experience that some of us will face someday, hopefully as bravely, teaching us that it's never too late to make your own happiness.  –Miguel Pendás


Co-sponsored by Russell and Susan Holdstein and by Bob Tandler and Valli Benesch 


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