Child of Lebensborn

After four years of being indoctrinated by Nazi ideology, a victim of kidnapping and systemic propaganda, Lars Aanning spent his adult life reconciling his childhood trauma and perceived role perpetrating the Nazi dogma as a small child, with his efforts to be a good father, grandfather, and accepting and hardworking member of society in the U.S.

Yana Alliata is a first generation Italian-American director, writer, and producer raised in Hawaii, Italy, and Australia. Alliata began her career at Film Finances Inc. and in development at Fox Searchlight Pictures. She worked on set for directors Werner Herzog, Alexander Payne and Phillip Noyce. She has earned numerous awards for her short drama, Requiem for Emily. The Hawaii International Film Festival approached Alliata to direct several promotional videos for their acclaimed festival; ‘Castaway’ and ‘Open Call’ theatrically released in Hawaii. Things took a dark and surreal turn with her next short film, Rush (Hollyshorts and LA Int. Film Festival) about a college hazing prank gone wrong. She followed up the thriller with Whenever You’re Ready (LA Comedy Film Festival) a fast-paced, painfully accurate comedy.

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