Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising According to Marek Edelman

Jolanta Dylewska has invented a new visual language for the Holocaust. Manipulating footage shot by Nazi cameramen in the Warsaw Ghetto, she magnifies some frames and slows others, so that we are able to enter into the images. Anonymous, anguished faces are re-invested with humanity. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising from March 19 to May 10, 1943 is told in exacting detail by Marek Edelman, a leader in the Jewish underground. As he tells his day-by-day account of individuals bound together in struggle, his face is half in darkness, as if a part of him remained in the past. The camera is an extraordinary tool of intimacy, love, and memory in this visually poetic film. 1994 Winner, Best Historical Documentary, San Francisco International Film Festival.
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