Sleeping With the Fishes

Alexis Fish’s life is a mess: Her cheating husband has died and left her penniless, her once successful party planning business is no more and her job dressing up as cartoon characters for a burger joint isn’t paying the bills. Bitter and depressed, the only things keeping her going are her anti-anxiety pills, self-help books and a dartboard with her ex-husband’s photo. When an aunt in New York dies, Alexis grudgingly returns home for the funeral and has to face her highly critical, ever-disapproving mother and her well-intentioned but overzealous big sister. With her father’s encouragement, Alexis reluctantly takes on a party planning gig for the bat mitzvah of a family friend’s daughter and stays in New York a little longer. Along the way, Alexis (Gina Rodriguez, Sundance 2012 breakout star of Filly Brown) learns that in order to put her life back on track, she must first make peace with her past, and, most of all, her tough-loving mother. A heartwarming tale of a young woman’s trials and tribulations with family and love as she tries to find her way in the world, writer/director Nicole Gomez Fisher’s delightful debut brings this quirky story of a dysfunctional yet loving Latino Jewish family to uproarious life.
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