Century Village Shiddach

Oy veh, not another set up date. A trip to grandma's might as well be a trip to the personals. If you're young, Jewish and available, you're a prime target for meddlesome grandparents looking to set up their grandchildren. This off-the-wall video follows a rather curious investigative reporter as she searches for a good Jewish man. The road she chooses runs through the Century Village retirement community.
Adina Kalish is an actor / producer in New York City. She currently works as the New York correspondent for the Jewish Television Network in Los Angeles. Adina has worked as producer and associate producer for educational documentary films as part of the Religion and Culture series on ABC Television and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Century Village Shiddach was written, directed and produced by Adina Kalish. Adina has performed off-Broadway and has appeared in several films and television commercials. She has written several articles for Glamour and Mademoiselle magazines and enjoys making fun of life's little moments.
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