Visually stunning, this Czech thriller unfolds in Prague, 1938. Life is about to turn upside down as Germany prepares to occupy Czechoslovakia and the love between a husband and wife is put to the ultimate test. Emil, a radio reporter, is increasingly jealous of his wife Hana’s new success as an actress and her new circle of male friends. However, when German forces arrive, Emil suddenly faces an irresistible offer from his National Socialist employer: His boss will pretend he doesn’t know Emil’s wife is Jewish as long as Emil accepts a promotion to become the on-air voice of the Nazi propaganda. While Emil rises to celebrity status—meeting women, staying out late drinking and singing—Hana is confined to their home, no longer able to work. Resisting Emil’s attempts to control her every move, however, she sneaks out of the apartment and finds comfort in the company of a theater projectionist. Soon delving together into drugs and pranks—including boldly photographing Hana wearing her yellow star in front of “Jews Not Permitted” signs—the two embark on a set of dangerous adventures in this highly original drama exploring how war produces the most odious of compromises
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