Red Flag: Spotlight on Alex Karpovsky

A star of HBO’s hit comedy series, Girls, Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture and the upcoming Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis, Alex Karpovsky is one of America’s hottest emerging filmmakers and actors. Often blurring the line between his onscreen and off-screen neurotic persona which he describes as “his little Jewish engine of anxiety and guilt,” Karpovsky is a new generation’s Woody Allen. His debut film The Hole Story finds him in Minnesota documenting a rare black hole engulfing the icy plains, and eventually his very sanity. Filmmaker magazine labeled the film “equal measures Woody Allen and Werner Herzog.” In Woodpecker we follow fanatical bird watchers in rural Arkansas as they search for the illusive bird to hilarious results. Trust Us, This Is All Made Up is a performance film about two improv comics, while Rubberneck finds Karpovsky dabbling in the thriller genre to bold results. Red Flag, Karpovsky’s newest film as director/writer/actor, is perhaps his most biting satire on the subject he knows best: himself. In Red Flag Karpovsky plays Karpovsky, an indie filmmaker recently dumped by his girlfriend, touring the South with his film Woodpecker to half-empty theaters. Along the way he’s joined by an old buddy and “his biggest fan” in this hysterical road trip comedy. Alex Karpovsky will appear live at the Castro Theatre, followed by clips and discussion.
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