10% - What Makes a Hero?

Checkpoint (SFJFF 2004) and Defamation (SFJFF 2009) established Israeli documentarian Yoav Shamir as an unapologetic provocateur. It’s no surprise then that American rabble-rouser Michael Moore signed on to executive produce the Tel Aviv–based filmmaker’s newest film, a globetrotting quest to identify the shared characteristics of heroic individuals. Following the bubbling streams of his consciousness, Shamir pays a visit to the bonobos in the Congo, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, a Stanford neuroscience lab, the suburban home of a Flemish woman whose family harbored Jews during World War II and the military-controled sea space near Gaza. Shamir establishes himself as a vulnerable everyman, troubled by the uncertainty of how he would have acted had he come of age in Nazi Germany, or whether he’d be brave enough to rescue a person who tumbled onto the subway tracks. Shifting from self-deprecating humor to genuine curiosity, from befuddled detachment to heartfelt yearning, 10% is fascinating, entertaining and affecting, the type of movie that sparks thoughtful conversation and passionate debate. US Premiere
From 2008 Festival: Director, Israel Yoav Shamir is graduate of the Tel-Aviv University Film Department, his debut film 'Marta&Luis' appeared in festivals in Edinburgh (2001), Tel-Aviv (2002) and Berlin (2002). His second film, "Checkpoint" was a huge success winning awards such as: Joris Ivens Award (IDFA), Best international feature documentary film Festival 2004). The film participated in over 40 festivals receiving high praise. His next documentary made in 2005, "5 days", participated in IDFA, Sundance Festival, Hot Docs among others.
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