Behind Enemy Lines

An Israeli police officer and a Palestinian journalist -- once friends, now on bitterly divided sides of a conflict -- reunite for an emotional journey through Jerusalem and the landscape of the Intifada, as each attempts to convince the other of his own truth. Benny Hernes, a captain in the Israeli police force, first met journalist Adnan Joulani on a peace mission to Japan four years ago, and they formed a surprising and optimistic friendship. In the intervening time, however, a member of Adnan’s family has been killed by settlers, and Adnan’s frustration rises as he covers the conflict daily as a journalist. Benny has meanwhile become a settler and trains special Israeli forces to combat Palestinian militants. In Dov Gil-Har’s moving and compassionate documentary, Benny and Adnan agree to meet again, spending four days traveling to locations that each has chosen to represent his own reality in the conflict. From the Holocaust Memorial of Yad Vashem and the Temple Mount, to Jenin refugee camp, Benny and Adnan struggle to find a way past the violence that separates them, and for a moment to see through the other’s eyes.
Born: 15 November 1967, in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Professional Background: -Anchor of the Morning News - Channel 2 TV Israel. (1998-Today). -Anchor of "Hachmei Helem", an anti public corruption show on Channel 2 TV (2002). -Anchor of Morning radio shows on the IDF radio (2000-Today). -Documentaries director for Telad - Channel 2 Israel (1998-Today). -Magazine features and documentaries director for Channel 2 & Channel 2 News (1993 -1999). -Knesset (Parliament) correspondent for Channel 2 News (1993-1998). -Editor of various news shows on the Israeli Army Radio (1988-1993). -Knesset correspondent for Israeli Army Radio (1988-1993). -Night editor for Haaretz daily (1989-1991). -Crime & Police affairs correspondent for Israeli Army Radio (1985-1988). Director’s Filmography: Behind Enemy Lines: The sequel to "Sleeping with the enemy" tells the story of two of the first film heroes during the Intifadah. Benny is commanding the special police forces in the occupied territories; Adnan is a Palestinian Journalist that lost two cousins in the fighting with Israel. The two former friends from "Sleeping with the enemy" lost contact during the war, and now meet for a journey into Intifadah land. (2004) Sleeping With The Enemy: The story of a Palestinian-Israeli journey to Japan. Twenty "Young Leaders" from Israel and the Palestinian Authority, find that only 10,000 km from their homes, they can overcome their turbulent past and simply become friends. (2001) Mom, Promises Must Be Fulfilled: A moving portrait of one man’s battle with leukemia which touched the entire nation as a national campaign is launched to find him a suitable bone-marrow donor. (2000) November 29th: A short film reconstructing the events of the day the United Nations declared the establishment of the Jewish State as captured in a now famous picture of Israel’s top photographer. (1998) Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A weeklong journey in the footsteps of "Lawrence of Arabia" is an amusing, enriching and magical quest after the legendary T.E. Lawrence. The search after Lawrence’s myth passes through the vast Jordanian deserts. With help from the Bedouins of Wadi Rum, the documentary reconstructs some of the important scenes in Lawrence’s career. (1999) The Death Road: The story of one the world’s most dangerous and beautiful roads, connecting the cities of La Paz and Koroiko. This magnificent road, curving high in the Bolivian mountains, claims hundreds of lives each year. The film follows the story of eight Israelis and two Dutch travelers, killed on the road. (2000) A Journey to Micronesia: In one of the world’s most remote regions, Israel finds a supportive ally. A two - part film which examines the unique connection between the Jewish people and the population of this traditional island nation. (1997) A Journey to the Marshall Islands: Deep in the Pacific Ocean lies an island nation ravaged by effects of the nuclear testing and prolonged Western occupation. The Marshall Islands were the second Pacific nation to support Israel in the UN diplomatic battlefield. The director went to find out - why? (1998)
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