Plan A - SFJFF41 Closing Night


Upon his release from Buchenwald, Max (August Diehl, Inglourious Basterds) returns to his family home in search of his wife and young son. Finding it occupied by a German family, his own family perished, Max is consumed by feelings of revenge. He finds safety at a British refugee camp and falls in with a group of Jewish soldiers led by the determined and charismatic Michael (Michael Aloni, Shtisel). Ruthless, but precise, these men are committed to an imperfect form of justice, tracking and executing German officers who are now living quiet lives away from the destruction wrought. On one mission, Max is beaten but saved by Anna (Sylvia Hoeks, Blade Runner 2049), a member of the Nakam, a motley but deadly group of Holocaust survivors. The Nakam believe in an epic, biblical revenge. An eye for an eye. Six million for six million. Finding this rogue form of revenge incompatible with the establishment of a new state, Michael wants to stop them before bringing political ruin to the cause. Max volunteers to infiltrate the group, but is seduced by their mission and especially Anna who shares Max’s heartbreak. With plans to decimate the entire German population through the poisoning of the water mains, Plan A is set into motion. The war has ended, but is it really over?

NOTE: This film is geo-blocked to the San Francisco Bay Area

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